Monday, May 14, 2012

Is Google Ignoring Android?

Google's Android

I read a fine write up on PC World about Androids future and how worried the Android communiny is and should be.
I have been busy reading about the ridicules Google <> Oracle law suit, mostly on Groklaw. Most of my recent work on Android was trying get Fry's to price match Google Galaxy Nexus, unlocked, with Google Play price. Anyways, I will be picking up one phone tomorrow.
One simple reason for me to pursue Google Nexus is to avoid one good reason, independence from carriers, in my case AT&T.
After reading the article, I feel Google could learn something about smart phones from Apple, at least the way how Apple controls the carriers and developers. Instead of becoming draconian, Google could put to use the best of Apple's practices.
Dear Google: Android Needs Your Help


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