Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Place Pages For Mobile" Will Manage Your Information About Places On Google Maps

Place Pages are not new and have been managing information about locations on Google Maps since September 2009. But now a mobile optimized version has been made available, to make your mobile life better. We wrote about Place Pages last year as well in Google favorite places on mobile.
Just as what you see in the video below, one of the famous restaurant "Mama's Restaurant" in San Francisco, is captured in a concise yet informative manner, making it easier for you to decide if it is good enough to have that business lunch or that cozy dinner. The location information, customer ratings, opening hours and reviews of the restaurant are provided to fit mobile browsing. If you need further information, simple follow the links.
Then if you have time in your hand, you can delve further in to finding out more information as the Place pages provide links to sites with complete reviews about the place, like Mama's restaurant.
After watching the video, you can simply try this by going to on your mobile browser and search for mama's sf, click or tap on the listing for Mama's Restaurant and if you are on a supported device like an Android or iPhone, you will be taken in to a mobile optimized Place Page.

Official Google Mobile Blog: New Place Pages for mobile: "Maps"


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