Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Video With Your Gmail Chat

I was happy to find that Gmail, my chosen application for email communication, personal and business wise, has added video to the chat portion of the program. As the program will be rolled out in next few days, it will appear on your Gamil. But if you wat to down load it right away, visit
Video conferencing has been around for a while now with the likes of Skype video and it was mostly used among regular users. But the efficient marketing by Skype has many small business' using the video for Skype feature to communicate with suppliers, partners and in our case developers from all over the world.
Gmail having the video conferencing feature adds more value to the system and I am sure business and schools Google Apps for business will be happy to use the feature, just like the Gmail Team itself.
"Collaborating across continents and timezones is a fact of life for us, and it sure is easier (and greener) to click "Start video chat" than to get on a plane! And when I do have to visit another Google office, I can use Gmail voice and video chat to check in with my family."

Other than the Google Apps, this feature will set Google apart fom the popular email services like Yahoo and Live Mail.
See you in my Gmail Chat!

Official Gmail Blog: Say hello to Gmail voice and video chat


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