Sunday, November 02, 2008

T-Mobile G1 OTA Updates, Please Keep On Waiting! you have not OTA Update, please keep waiting. That is the advise from forum admin at T-Mobile. He also mentions that he himself has not received the update and he has had his phone since Oct 3rd. Bummer! No Special favours! and the updates are being sent randomly.  
But once you done waiting and get the update, you will have the following on you T-Mobile G1 Phone;

  • Wrong field is focused when keyboard is opened in Messaging application: Now when the keyboard is opened, the focus will default to the compose (text entry) field.
  • Cannot associate with WiFi access point using shared WEP key: Should now be able to associate to access points with a shared WEP key.
  • Google Contacts/Calendar Sync (endless loop).
  • USB storage: Now a USB notification will appear in the notifications area when connected via USB. Users must select to use USB Storage if desired. 
  • Email notification doesn't disappear when the Email has been read (POP/IMAP Email client).
  • New Email notifications not received (POP/IMAP Email client).
  • Browser does not launch YouTube video when Settings   Enable Javascript is unchecked.
  • WiFi & Bluetooth occasionally disconnect while charging.
  • Support silencing of Email notifications (POP/IMAP Email client)
  • Amazon MP3 fix for files with underscores (_) in the filenames.

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