Monday, November 17, 2008

Citrix Systems Acquires Vapps, the HD Voice Conferencing Firm.

Andy from VoIP Watch had his hand in Vapps! Congrats Andy! He had following to say;
"To our friends Ben and John at VAPPS, and their investors at Azure Capital Partners, a big pat on the back for a very healthy exit. It was less than a year ago when Ben asked us to represent the company and we could not have asked for a better client or a better product to talk about. Congratulations to you all."

Citrix Systems has, according it's SEC 10-Q filings, acquired Vapps, a service provider offering high-definition audio conference services. Vapps works with VoIP and the company has partnered with Adobe, Skype, Gizmo, Yahoo and MSN to provide high-quality audio conferencing for SOHO market and Small and Medium Business.

Citrix has paid 26.6 Million alread and promised to make it 30 Million, if Vapps meet certain goals, in it's operations.

So expect to see HD Voice conferencing in Citrix's GoToMeeting service, enhancing the already a very nice offering.


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