Saturday, December 15, 2018

Garmin Joins Actigraph To Create Healthy Wearables.
Path finding, GPS and Wearable manufacture, Garmin has plans to enter medical arena. Garmin announced that it is partnering with Actigraph, a medical-grade monitor manufacturer. The partnership will combine Garmin's wearable know-how with Actigraph's health expertise.

Actigraph's  CentrePoint platform transmits health data from their wearable health monitors in real time. Actigraph devices are validated healthcare grade medical devices used by more than 1,500 pharmaceutical, academic, and scientific institutions in over 85 countries. So Garmin is basically looking in to how these conduct the serious business, perhaps to adapt the technology to its own consumer devices. 
“Garmin Health is excited to work with a globally recognized company like ActiGraph that shares an engineering commitment to pioneer high-quality solutions that can be trusted by the scientific community and pharmaceutical market, Combining the sensor data from Garmin wearables with the data capture and analytical expertise of the ActiGraph platform creates a powerful solution for many different patient monitoring applications.” said Travis Johnson, Garmin Health global product lead. 



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