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Amazon Looks To Capture More Of Your Home And Soho With Eero Acquisition.

Home WiFi System product shots
Amazon announced it's acquisition of Eero (See the press release below), one well known company in the networking hardware space. Eero has been around for a while, has it's operations in the WiFi networking since 1915. Eero is well known for it's out of the box, easy-to-set-up mesh WiFi solutions.
Eero is namednamed after Finnish industrial designer Eero Saarinen. Eero products such as shown above have been enjoying a good customer reception and feedback. Currently it has 4.6 starts in the Amazon market place. In addition to the hardware, Eero also offers "Eero Plus" an all inclusive security package for the network.
 Neither Amazon nor Eero revealed how much money the tech giant paid in the acquisition. Prior to this Eero had raised $90 million in venture capital.

"We are incredibly impressed with the Eero team and how quickly they invented a WiFi solution that makes connected devices just work. We have a shared vision that the smart home experience can get even easier, and we’re committed to continue innovating on behalf of customers" said SVP of Amazon Devices and Services Dave Limp.
He was joined by the chief of Eero, Nick Weaver, "From the beginning, Eero’s mission has been to make the technology in homes just work. We started with WiFi because it’s the foundation of the modern home. Every customer deserves reliable and secure WiFi in every room. By joining the Amazon family, we’re excited to learn from and work closely with a team that is defining the future of the home, accelerate our mission, and bring Eero systems to more customers around the globe."

Press release

Amazon to Acquire eero to Help Customers Better Connect Smart Home Devices

February 11, 2019 at 4:50 PM EST
Amazon announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire eero, a company that offers products and services for high-performing, reliable, and simple home WiFi

Feb. 11, 2019-- Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and eero today announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Amazon will acquire eero. eero’s home mesh WiFi systems set up in minutes and blanket every room of a customer’s home in high-performing, reliable WiFi. eero is already delighting Amazon customers with its products and services, as indicated by eero’s 4.6-star product rating on
"We are incredibly impressed with the eero team and how quickly they invented a WiFi solution that makes connected devices just work,” said Dave Limp, SVP of Amazon Devices and Services. “We have a shared vision that the smart home experience can get even easier, and we’re committed to continue innovating on behalf of customers.”
“From the beginning, eero’s mission has been to make the technology in homes just work,” said Nick Weaver, Co-Founder and CEO of eero. “We started with WiFi because it’s the foundation of the modern home. Every customer deserves reliable and secure WiFi in every room. By joining the Amazon family, we’re excited to learn from and work closely with a team that is defining the future of the home, accelerate our mission, and bring eero systems to more customers around the globe.”
eero uses multiple access points that work together as a system to blanket a home in high-performing, reliable, and simple home WiFi. Customers can customize an eero system to meet the needs of their home—regardless of shape or size—eliminating dead zones, ensuring perfect streaming video in every room, and delivering the bandwidth all connected devices need.
With the easy-to-use eero app, customers can set up the system in under 10 minutes, share their network, program parental controls, and run speed tests on demand. Additionally, eero communicates with the cloud to receive instructions and updates. This means eero systems are self-updating, self-fixing, and self-improving all the time.
Completion of this transaction is subject to customary closing conditions.
About Amazon
Amazon is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo, and Alexa are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon. For more information, visit and follow @AmazonNews.
About eero
The first mesh home WiFi system, eero blankets any home in reliable and secure WiFi. eero’s digital security service, eero Plus, protects connected devices, privacy, and family. eero is simple to set up, even easier to manage, and improves over time with regular, automatic software updates. Founded in San Francisco in 2014 by Amos Schallich, Nate Hardison, and Nick Weaver, eero’s goal is to make WiFi so good that you’ll never think about WiFi again.

Source:, Inc., Inc.
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Friday, February 08, 2019

Popular iPhone Apps Secretly Record Your Phone Sessions With "Session Replay" for Analytics Purposes, Without Much Care For Security.

iPhone Apps are taking your data without telling you and there is basically nothing you can do about it. Part of the iOS app development, "Session replays" allows app developers to take screenshot or record a user's screen and then play back those recordings to see how users interact with their apps. Taps, button pushes, and keyboard entries are all captured and provided to app developers. Those include usernames and passwords as well, in most cases.

Abercrombie & Fitch,, Air Canada, Hollister, Expedia, and Singapore Airlines are using Glassbox, a customer experience analytics firm that lets developers use "session replay" screen recording technology within their apps.

Some apps, such as Air Canada iOS app go beyond. Air Canada app does not properly mask data that's recorded, exposing information including sensitive information like passport numbers and credit card information. Air Canada employees with access to the screenshot database can readily see this data.
Also these data is shared with the Glassbox, the developer of Session Replays. Apple does not approve this behavior unless you consent to do so;

There’s no App Store guideline that prohibits collecting usage information. To the contrary, Apple permits collection of usage information if the user consents. Consent is generally satisfied by providing a terms of service link and consent is basically continuing to use the app after being afforded the opportunity to review the terms.

TechCrunch had mobile app expert The App Analyst look at some of the apps that Glassbox lists as a customers. Not all apps leaked masked data, and most appeared to be obfuscated, but there were instances where email addresses and postal codes were visible.

"Since this data is often sent back to Glassbox servers I wouldn't be shocked if they have already had instances of them capturing sensitive banking information and passwords," The App Analyst told TechCrunch. 

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Viber Messenger 10 For Mobile Brings A New UI, New Features, And Improvements.

After four years since the last release, Viber, now Rakuten Viber, has released the revision 10 of its mobile messaging application for iOS and Android. The new app features an updated User Interface (UI), enhanced connectivity options, together with new privacy measures.
Viber infrastructure has also been improved
according to the company and the voice and video calls have been given a quality boost to become crystal clear. The messaging is also said to betwice as fast as before. 
The new Calls screen brings all your call information to a single page, containing recent calls and phone contacts, with the Viber Out balance and subscriptions shown at the top of the screen. The company also announced that a group calling feature, offering the ability to initiate a group voice call with up to five people, will soon be available on Viber.
Another new feature is the “Hidden-number Chats” option in the communities section. The expectations are to encourage spontaneous interactions among new social networking contacts, while keeping the actual contact information hidden to protect the privacy of the participants.
The new Viber Messenger 10 update is available for users with Android and iOS devices, and can already be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Press Release;

SAN FRANCISCO – February 4th, 2018 — Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging platforms, announces the launch of Viber 10, with a new design that enhances the user experience and leverages Viber’s lightning-quick performance that makes messaging 2x faster.
The new design powers users’ experience with:
  • Simple navigation: Easily roam the app in a lighter and sleeker interface and get exactly what users need, right where they expect to find it
  • Easy access: Users get all private and group chats, Communities, chatbots, and favorite public content in one main chat list
  • Singular calls screen: In the updated “Calls” screen, users can find their most recent calls, access phone book contacts screen and manage their Viber Out subscriptions
Viber 10 introduces two brand new features that highlight Viber’s value as an efficient, powerful and private communication app.
  • Hidden-number Chats in Viber Communities allow users to engage and message with one another without having to exchange phone numbers. This allows spontaneous and casual interactions with the new people users meet through Communities, yet ensuring they remain safe. Users can interact by tapping a user’s profile in a Community message or from the participant list in the Community information screen. When they feel comfortable, users can disclose their phone number and have a non-limited interaction.
  • Viber Group Calls will allow up to five users to initiate a group voice call by adding people to an existing call or by starting one right from an existing group chat. This feature will initially roll out for voice calls, followed by video at a later date.
With its fresh UI and boosted performance, Viber 10 continues the company’s commitment to 100% user data privacy, with full end-to-end encryption set by default on all private conversations, group chats, and calls.
“The launch of Viber 10 comes after intensive user research and testing that perfects and simplifies the communication opportunities for the many people who use Viber globally,” says Djamel Agaoua, CEO of Viber. “ At Viber, we are all driven by our core mission to make our product faster, simpler, and safer. The new Viber 10 lets people connect easily and intuitively, while as always ensures users’ privacy and data protection. We hope our users will enjoy these changes as much as we do—it’s a whole new Viber!”
Viber 10 will roll out globally for users in the coming days and will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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