Monday, November 03, 2014

FreeSWITCH Team Releases FreeSWITCH 1.4.13

The FreeSWITCH Team has released FreeSWITCH 1.4.13 in the form of  tar ball at FreeSwitch download site and compiled packages for Debian and CentOS (6) in the respective repos.
In Addition to the release notes below there some information pertinent to the developer community. FreeSWITCH team had to fix a small error in the main FreeSWITCH GIT repository on the v1.4 branch. So if your next pull of the branch, if you get a a merge error.  issue the following command:
git reset --hard origin/v1.4
to resolve the issue.
If you have local patches you will want to re-base from the main FreeSWITCH git repository to resolve the issue.

This Release includes:

  • Fix SegFault in switch_core_media.c –
  • Updates for Xcode 6 on OSX Mavericks and Yosemite –
  • Allow sub millisecond resolution for option ping times –
  • Add ability to log commands executed in mod_xml_rpc
  • Fix error when resuming a call on hold –
  • Fix missing Notify message record-route tag –
  • Add new hard_mute control to allow apps to request low level mute e.g. from the rtp stack level. Its used in mod_conference to avoid reading audio while muted and possibly reduce some transcoding load
  • Improve SIP OPTIONS ping generation by distributing them across an interval –
  • variable digits_dialed_filter to set regular expressions with () captures and anything matched will be replaced with X’s in the CDR (useful for filtering things like CreditCard numbers) –
  • fix leak of nua handle due to reference counting. Effects all calls with auth/challenge on INVITE
  • as well as several other minor tweaks and changes
  • There are also several other minor changes and bug fixes in this release!


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