Sunday, November 02, 2014

APUS Launcher, Flying Like iOS on Android Devices.

APUS launcher, named after the extremely fast Swift bird (Apus), is a ultra fast launcher for Android devices. It said to bring the smoothness of iOS to Android devices. I of course have not felt the need for a third party launcher and I have kept ahead of the curve as I always court latest Android hardware and my applications are limited.
But the launcher seem to help Android phones that are below stellar hardware. APUS says it's launcher is able to save as much as 80% of a device’s memory over the stock launcher(s). The Apus launcher takes up less than 2MB of memory. This is good news for users with lower-end phones, which seem to lag no matter how much improvements are made to Android.. The launcher has a  ‘boost’ button that cleans up the memory usage by apps.
Originated in Beijing, China, out of a company lead by Tao Li, who was formerly a VP with Chinese internet security/browser giant Qihoo 360,plans to narrows the gap between Apple iOS' appeal and the Androids. Android L, Lollipop signals the that pretty soon it will eliminate the need for third party apps like OPUS, on the performance side. But people always like to test out new wall papers.
Opus is commanding a 30 million users/download according to the company and it was only launched in July this year. OPUS facebook page shows 670K likes. OPUS has garnered the top position on many Google Play markets.

You can find it in Google Play Store.


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