Friday, October 17, 2014

Stephen Colbert Disses Google, Hugs Apple, But SIRI Says He Is Still 5' 10"

colbert siri
Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe who are 5' 11" “These are my peers. When we’re in the steam room naked no shoes, we’re looking at each other eye-to-eye… seriously, 5′ 10″, those are Matt Damon numbers.” said the comedian finding that Google stated he is of 5' 10" height. He continued to say that he has been 5' 11" since he was 14(?).
But when asked from SIRI, the Apple's IPA (no not a beer) Intelligent Personal Assistant, it too says Colbert is 5' 10"! Guess well known iPhone aficionado, Colbert forgot to check his height with SIRI, or he did and took it out on Google.


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