Saturday, October 25, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus, Crashes WIth Red / Blue Screens! Just Like A Windows 7 Machine,

One of our newer posts on iPhone 6 Plus crash remedy;
Reset A Crashing iPhone 6 Plus With RED/BLUE Screens Of Death.

iPhone 6 crash, snapvoip

Here is a video of one of the conditions of the iPhone 6 plus Crash

Apple's iPhone 6 Plus seem to be not so cool with all the trouble it is having. In addition to the Dyegate, the iPhone 6 Plus seem to be crashing a lot with red and blue screens. Red Screen Of Death by iPhone users. I remember similar scenario, when Microsoft first released WIndows 7.
The cry for help on Apple support forum (now at 11895 views) one user requested, "iPhone 6 Plus Keeps Crashing  PLEASE HELP!" followed by many more reporting the same issue.
The error, crash of iPhone 6 Plus seems to be related to the Apps or app overload. But it does seem to happen more at the time of loading apps. The initial user who reported the issues was trying to restore in iPhone 5s backup.
Apple is replacing some of the affected phones but only a few has reported that the new phone alleviates the issue.
While there are many help and advice offered to address the issue by the community, restoring to factory settings then installing previously purchased apps manually (one by one) seem to be the most popular, until you reach a certain number of apps. Some users are reporting that it has gone back to crash cycle after a while.
"I Did what they said to do in the first Post.  Erased the entire phone.  Started out and set up as new iPhone. Only one crash in 3 days.  When I was getting a couple an hours.  It's a pain I downloadEd all my pics to my computer and started from scratch. "
Samsung and other lager screen manufacturers must be thinking, you can make phones that looks like ours but certainly can't make them work like ours.
This issue might be a big problem for Apple in Asia, where larger phones are popular. Apple is looking to boost iPhone sales in China, with iPhone 6 Plus with it's larger screen.
One of the Apple support forum threads could be found here.


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