Thursday, January 17, 2013

Skype Says "We do not provide voice services for Facebook Messenger free calls"


Since Skype is powering Facebook's video chat and video conferencing, on the desktop apps, it was natural to assume that Skype is providing the Click to Call or tap to call services for mobile phones, the new Voice over WiFi from Facebook.

But if you assumed so, just like I did, we are wrong. In an statement to Slashgear, Skype has confirmed that it is not providing the backbone services for Facebook, tap to call over WiFi.

Skype - Facebook integration on desktops have gone far but the mobile front has not seen much progress. On the desktop apps, Facebook users could click on a Facebook user name instead hunting for his / her Skype handle to initiate a video call.
I guess it is more important for Microsoft - Skype to push their own mobile Skype apps, just like the recently released Skype for Windows Phone.

Skype on Windows 8 Phone
Well we have to find out who is providing the backbone voice services for Facebook!

Via Slashgear
Skype on Windows 8 Phone is here


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