Friday, January 25, 2013

Samsung Sold 700,000 Samsung Galaxy Phones A Day Q4,12

Samsung Sold 700,000 Samsung Galaxy Phones A Day

Samsung made record profits for the Q4,2012, reporting $8.27 billion in operating profit, $52.45 billion in revenue, and $6.6 billion in net income. This is a increase if total operating profit up 89% year-on-year. The handset sales were up 58%, accounting for more than 50% of all operating profit.

Guess rounded corners instigation could not keep customers away from Samsung phones like Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Note iterations.
Comparing Apples to Galaxy's, Apple sold 48 million iPhones vs 68 million Samsung smartphones. Samsung has a whole slew of phones that considered to be non smartphones. But all is not that rosy and read the Samsung statement as they mentioned, "Expect intensified competition amid smartphone growth slowdown."
Samsung press release and the conference call Slides(PDF)


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