Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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I read a great article today on Android Developer blog, "Thinking like a web designer" by Roman Nunik and others. It is one of the beset Android or otherwise developer article I read in a while.
Basically honing your familiarity with web UI development, specially the new HTML5 techniques can take you a long way in Android UI development.
We actually do our initial development and layouts using HTML5, aka web app route and then proceed to the actual app development.
It makes a great sense as we develop our Android apps for others (vertical markets) and it is easier to make changes that get requested along during the design phase.

"Web developers have a number of different tools for frontend layout and styling at their disposal, and there are analogues for almost all of these in the world of Android UI engineering. If you’re wondering about analogues to other web- or CSS-isms, start a conversation out there in the Android community; you’ll find you’re not alone"

But the article goes very deep into Android UI development and I suggest you follow the link below save the article on to your Android Tablet, to have it near when you need it, like I did.

Android Developers Blog: Thinking Like a Web Designer


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