Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skype Launches An Appstore, Calls It App Directory!

Skype Launches An Appstore (App Directory)
Perhaps influenced by the soon to be parent company, Microsoft, Skype is getting friendly with developers again. A few years ago, they wanted to have everything for themselves and canned the Skype Developer Extra program. Skype App Directory, or the Skype version of the Appstore is live now supporting regular and business customers. The developers seem to be happy about having a place to publicize their apps the the vast Skype community.
There are, as usual, free and paid apps in various categories and I found a few apps to write home about. We will certain to cover some of the more appealing Skype Apps, like VodBurner Video call recorder, which is free.
Just like any other appstore, Skype App Directory provides a landing page for apps and there you will find more information about the app. These include screen shots, features comments and ratings by other users. If you select to get / buy the app, one is sent to appropriate place, like in the VodBurner case above, to their home page.
Like an appstore should be, Skype App Directory allows you to search by Platform (OS), price, language and keywords.


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