Monday, August 08, 2011

Motorola Kore, Next Android Tablet From Motorola

Motorola Kore Android Rumors
Looks like Motorola is gearing up for a new Android tablet. The new tablet seem to concentrate on the screen real estate rather than the real reasons the Motorola XOOM's failure to dethrone iPad2 or iPad.
The new tablet is slated to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and ditching the 16:9 screen ration for for squarish 4:3 ration screen, just like the iPad2. I am sure with assumed high resolutions like 2048 X 1536 will surely beat iPad2. Wake up Motorola, if your Motorola XOOM 16GB was $399, I would be holding it instead of far better Asus EEE Pad Transformer. If the tablet is tad lighter, it would have been a bonus as well.
There are also guesses that the slate will have Kal-El quad core processor from Nvidia. That wold be nice and people will ditch their notebooks, like I have with with Asus EEE Pad, with the keyboard attachment.
The name information was gleamed from some domain names Motorola registered last week,,,,, and

fusible via BGR, Plus Engadget


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