Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Group Chat, New Design, Video Chat (Skype) Makes Facebook Awesome! Mark Says

Awesome, Facebook, Group Chat, New Design, Video Chat,Skype
Mark Zuckerberg says that three things announced today will make the Social Infrastructure that he built solid, and will pave the way forward for years to come.
The tree things announced today, Group Chat, New Design, Video Chat (Skype) are not new nor awesome. But all of them plus the Facebook will make it awesome.
During the event Mark shared that people on Facebook are sharing 4 Billion things a day and certainly that is a lot of sharing.
Video calling demoed by the Facebook Seattle team and we were told that it is deployed to millions of users. They were pretty happy about one click video calling. The combination of Skype and Facebook is certainly a plus for millions of users of either service or both.
The Group Chat will have a new feature to your usual Facebook chat feature, you can add friends tot he chat and that is not much different from Group Chats we have seen over the years like GoogleTalk Group chat.
The new design, yes I am yet to see if it makes my Facebook experience awesome.
Now the Microsoft's Skype purchase seem less crazy!


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