Monday, June 06, 2011

Mac OS X Lion, I Like It! It Is Just $29 : WWDC 2011

Mac OS X Lion

Steve Jobs apperence made most of the people stand up, I too had to stand because everybody in front of you stand up. I am sure, Steve Jobs felt really "I feel Good", The song by James Brown was playing when he entered the stage.

But the apple big honcho handed over the presentation of Mac OS X Lion to vice president

The Mac OS X presentation at the WWDC had the audience pinned and  received a large applauses as it went on describing the features of the New OS, like fullscreen apps; safari, iCal, preview, and mission control. Auto save feature for all apps etc.

I liked Mission Control  All of your open app instances are grouped by app; you can zoom into each one, selecting whichever you want.

The Mail app was awesome and Mac!

A big difference, MAC OS X Lion is only available through  Mac App Store. He is getting everybody to register, one way or the other!

Pricing was the best;

"I keep thinking: what should we charge? Past versions have been $129. We want to make it available to even more people. It'll be just $29."
Now on to iOS5


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