Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Elastix-2.0.4-beta4 Brings Elastix Addons Module To Help With Integration With Elastix Marketplace To Add New Modules.

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Elastix 2.0.4 Beta is bringing a new module to assist Elastix users with adding modules to the Elastix server. The new module, Elastix Addons module will allow adding new solutions fully compatible with Elastix from the Elastix Marketplace. These extensions will allow users of Elastix to take it even further than what Elastix already provides with the knowledge, that they are safe and seamlessly integrates with Elastix distribution.

This feature can be found in the addons module available in the Elastix-2.0.4-beta4 release. This module provides users with a simple path to integrate third party modules to the Elastix.

Now since the Elatix Marketplace is launched, many developers and entities could offer solutions to the installed Elastix server base, enriching and extending the Elastix experience. The Elastix Addons module is developed to provide the best path for the user to add and remove new modules that provides additional features to Elastix..

There is one requirement to use this module,   before downloading a commercial addon, one need to register your Elastix server. This registration will generate an installation id necessary to make transactions in the Marketplace.
There are some certified addons already in the market place:
- FOP2
- Visual Dial Plan
- Queuemetrics

Elastix team is in the process of adding more solutions and  your feedback is welcome as always.



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