Thursday, June 30, 2011

Appstore Has More Than 100,000 iPad Apps Now!

100,000 iPad Apps
Looks like Apple developers are going for the iPad exclusive apps. According to Macstories, Apple App store now has more than 100000 apps designated for iPad, the larger cousin of iPhone.
Since Apple iPad came into being in April 2010, (454 days ago,) Apple and it's army of developers have managed to create 100000 iPad destined Apps. These includes apps designed for iPad and iPhone apps re-released with universal updates, which allows apps to run on both the platforms.
Macstories found out that there were 100,161 apps on Appstore when checked with Appstore app on the iPad, as shown above.
Way to go Apple, even though I have discarded my iPad(original) and embraced an Asus EEE Pad Transformer, competition and ideas will always bring in a healthy mobile App ecosystem.


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