Monday, May 16, 2011

Brainchild's Kineo, An Android Tablet Goes To School

Brainchild's Kineo
Brainchild's Keneo,is a tabletdesigned for schools. Administrative controls will keep students out of troubles ranging from Legal liabilities can result from messaging, taking pictures, to visiting harmful websites. Students are also restricted from installing new apps or uninstalling those academic apps.
Ruggedly build tablets will withstand the student usage and it's high capacity battery will keep the students productive up to ten hours. When there is need for group discussions, the tablet could be connected to a TV LCD projector or a large monitor via it's HDMI port.
Brainchild is distributing 5000 units to select school districts in Texas, California, Tennessee, and a smattering of other states. Looks like the have the goods and the idea.
Following are the features of the tablet.
  • Display: 7" 800 x 480 Touchscreen
  • CPU: 800MHz Dual Core Processor
  • 2GB internal storage
  • 256 DDR RAM
  • Connectivity: 802.11b/g WiFi
  • Battery: Li Polymer 4500 mAh (10 hours)
  • Flash Player
  • MP4 Movie Player
  • Operating System: Android 2.1
  • HDMI high definition video/audio out
  • Stereo
  • USB
  • Headphones
  • SD Card Slot
Press release;
Brainchild Kineo Tablet With GlobalSYNC™, Just for Schools, Adopted in Ten States
Production Increased to Meet Demand
NAPLES, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kineo, the seven-inch tablet and eBook Reader from Brainchild (, has been shipped to ten states since being introduced at the Florida Educational Technology Conference in February. The Kineos being deployed are all equipped with Brainchild's standards-based curriculum, Achiever!, and GlobalSYNC™ technology.

"The mobile technology we sold fifteen years ago is still in use today. Our tablets are rugged and built for the long term so schools can be confident in their investment."

"Kineo is an education-only tablet built for the 'mission-critical' environment in schools," said Jeff Cameron, president of Brainchild. "A teacher cannot worry about bandwidth issues, screen freezes or free reign of the Internet. We have 16 years of experience in manufacturing handhelds and training teachers how to use standards-based curriculum. We've poured all of that experience into developing Kineo and GlobalSYNC."

Experts agree that technology use in classrooms is most effective with good planning. President Obama's National Education Technology Plan 2010 calls for using mobile devices with clear outcomes and driven by data, which are key elements of the Kineo/Achiever! combination. Kineo (see video at or is specially suited to work with Achiever! test-prep and learning software for data-driven, individualized instruction.

GlobalSYNC quickly synchronizes data from a school's Kineos, on demand, to a convenient web-based interface. This gives schools flexibility in how they use Kineo because it stores data and only syncs when directed thus avoiding the network crashes that can happened with continuous data uploads.

Brainchild sold out of its initial production run of 5,000 Kineos, which were delivered in April to school districts in ten states, including North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. Many of these first implementations are for summer school programs focusing on remediation for struggling students. Production of new Kineos will increase each month to meet demand from throughout the country.

Brainchild introduced the concept of mobile learning in 1995 with its PLS-1000 handhelds, many of which are still in operation today. "With all of our products, sustainability and value is important," said Cameron. "The mobile technology we sold fifteen years ago is still in use today. Our tablets are rugged and built for the long term so schools can be confident in their investment."

 Brainchild via engadget


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