Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Android At Marker Faire!
I almost forgot about this post on Android developers blog. Last weekend was the Maker Faire, and Google was very visible.

Of all the nifty things, ADB, Android Developer Blog noted the following information;

Bits and Pieces from Googlers at the Faire
Most of these are 20%-project output of the new open-source project called Easy Peripheral Controller..
Project Tricorder: Using the ADK and Android to build a platform to support making education about data collection and scientific process more interesting.
Disco Droid: Modified a bugdroid with servos and the ADK to show off some Android dance moves.
Music Beta, by Google: Android + ADK + cool box with lights for a Music Beta demo.
Optical Networking: Optical network port connected to the ADK.
Interactive Game: Uses ultrasonic sensors and ADK to control an Android game.
Robot Arm: Phone controlling robot arm for kids to play with.
Bugdroids: Balancing Bugdroids running around streaming music from an Android phone.

The Boards
We gave away an ADK hardware dev kit sample to several hundred people at Google I/O, with the idea of showing manufacturers what kind of thing might be useful. This seems to have worked better than we’d expected; we know of no less than seven makers working on Android Accessory Development Kits. Most of these are still in “Coming Soon” mode, but you’ll probably be able to get your hands on some at the Faire.
  1. RT Technology's board is pretty much identical to the kit we handed out at I/O.
  2. SparkFun has one in the works, coming soon.
  3. Also, SparkFun’s existing IOIO product will be getting ADK-compatible firmware.
  4. Arduino themselves also have an ADK bun in the oven.
  5. Seeedstudio’s Seeeeduino Main Board.
  6. 3D Robotics’ PhoneDrone Board.
It looks like some serious accessorized fun is in store!
This is going to be fun!


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