Friday, March 11, 2011

Google Click-to-call Comes To GMail!

Google Click-To-Call is going places. Even though unknown to many, Google Click to call has existed for a long time, like with Googletalk in 2005!. But recently with Google Voice and other innovation from other teams, bringing the much desired feature to many Google Service. Few days ago we say mobile search enable click to call numbers for emergency services. Before that Google Local Ads had the same feature for advertisers. Users could call business with a single click.
Now the service has come to Google GMail! When some one sends you a number to call, GMail will linkify the number.
When you click on the number the GMail dialpad will popup
All your contacts will have a phone icon next to their phone numbers. It is very convenient for me as all my contacts are in GMail!
Click to call phone numbers - Official Gmail Blog


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