Wednesday, February 09, 2011

MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy Indulge Is The First 4G LTE Smartphone In USA.

Samsung Galaxy Indulge 4G LTE SCH-r910
After the  $299 Samsung Craft, which is not a smartphone,  first Android-powered 4G  LTE smartphone,  Samsung Galaxy Indulge 4G LTE will go on sale on Feb.11, getting one up on HTC and Verizon. Their flagship phone, HTC Thunderbolt will go on sale on 14th of February.
Technically Galaxy Indulge is a lessor cousin of popular Samsung Galaxy S. The Galaxy Indulge runs on Android 2.2 and sports a  plastic body with a slide-out keyboard. The phone is powered by 1-GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor, and has a 3.2-megapixel camera and an 320-by-480 LCD screen. It also has.Stereo Bluetooth® capabilities and expandable memory storage up to 32GB. Additionally, the Galaxy Indulge includes a 4GB microSD™ card, preloaded with the action film "IRONMAN 2," produced by Paramount Pictures2.
MetroPCS sells Samsung Galaxy Indulge for $399, without contract.
"Our commitment to offering premium, feature-rich smartphones was once again fulfilled today with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Indulge, which will allow consumers to experience the vast benefits of both MetroPCS' 4GLTE services and the Android operating system," said Roger D. Linquist, president, CEO and chairman of MetroPCS. "Mobile consumers no longer have to choose between low cost service and high-end Android handsets. Instead, they can truly have it all by being able to select from a full spectrum of feature and smartphones paired with 4GLTE services at an unmatched value." 
"The Galaxy Indulge integrates two of Samsung's core product investments; the Android platform and bringing powerful and intuitive 4G-enabled devices to the U.S. market," said Omar Khan, chief strategy officer for Samsung Mobile. "The Galaxy Indulge is loaded with the speed of the Android OS, true mobile broadband connectivity and a 1GHz processor with rich multimedia features for premium movie and TV content." 

The phone is at home on both MetroPCS's 4G LTE and 2G CDMA networks and the company promises can get at least 5Mbps down, but speeds will be lower in Boston and Philadelphia. But the plans offered are another ball game $60 plan gives unlimited data but when it comes to the $50 plan, things get a bit hairy. Usual data is unlimited but there is a cap of 1GB for Video, Music and get this, Games.


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