Monday, January 24, 2011

Toshiba Tablet Site Sends Flashy Insults To Cupertino On The Lame Flashless iPad

#Toshiba Tablet Site Insults The Lame Flashless #iPad
We were not expecting this but Toshiba has sent some signs of challenges over to Apple regarding the Apple iPad. Basically as per Toshoba iPad lacks bunch of stuff being a true tablet.
Toshiba should know, they were selling tablet PC's when only tablets Steve Jobs knew were in his medicine cabinet.
But the comments on the post on All things D, have laid wrath on Toshiba, I glanced over a few but was not able to locate any siding Toshiba.
I do not care much about Flash and it's super cookies but after blocking Adobe Flash from spying and sharing my internet habits, I do visit Flash enabled sites. Because I need some of those information, even the flashy Toshiba site, of which I declined storage of content on my PC.
Everyone by now also knows that I am not a fan of iPad and the AT&T combination and steadfastly looking for a suitable Android Tablet. Now I have one more to the list headed by Motorola XOOM.Good thing is both are sporting the Nvidia Tegra 2, with Tegra 3 Quad Core on the things, including insults, could get only better.
 But if you want to find out how Apple fanboys and iPad fans feel about Toshiba tablet, or any android table for that matter, read the post and comments on All things Digital.


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