Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Out Of Four International Calls Is Made Over Skype!

Skype Back In Numbers
Looks like despite the massive failure of Skype supernode network due to faulty windows client software, people still love skype and using it to call, locally and internationally. Skype simultaneous call numbers have gone up from 25 to 27 Million as of January 10th.
According to Telegeography, Skype accounted for 102.5 Billion minutes of International long distance calls. The culmulative International long distance calls fell by 4% in 2010 from previous year. The total ILD call voume was 413 Billion for 2009.
So according to the report, nearly a one of every four International Long Distance (ILD) calls is made over Skype. Where ever there is broadband penetration, the voice calls are dropping as people find that they can make VoIP calls by passing telcos, and Skype is the most popular VoIP service provider in the world.
If the those televisions with Skype (internet capabilities) and othe video calling gadgets at CES 2011 was any evidence, people will swap voice calls to Video calls. Skype is ready for that with it's regular Video client and Mobile video call clients like Skype for iPhone.that brings video over 3G. I am sure the recent Qik aquisition will go long way in the way of video business. With this much of growth, I think Skype might be ready for that Skype IPO. Then I wonder why my remove Skype get so many hits, perhaps to uninstall old Skype clients to install new clients.



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