Monday, January 03, 2011

Flixter Tells How Mobile App Installs Went Over The Holidays.

image courtesy of TC
#Flixter Mobile App Installs
From the reports from Flixter telling us how the mobile app installs went, it looks like Apple iPhone and iPod brought Steve Jobs App-y Holidays. Android was not doing bad either but RIM and Windows Phone types do not like movies or the platforms are not doing better.
We averaged more than 10,000 installs per day on four different mobile platforms this Christmas.  And looking at the devices we expect to do well in 2011, that number could easily be 7 or even 8 next year,” Flixter co-founder Greenstein says.
Apple had 61.5% of the downloads, Android had 30.1%, a almost half of that of Apple. 7.9% went to RIM devices and Windows Phone had 0.5%. The percentages were from 1,027,000 downloads over the holiday week.
Pretty soon we will know how all the platforms did when they release their earnings.


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