Sunday, January 09, 2011

CES 2011 And Year Of The Tablets.

#CES2011 And #YearOfTheTablets
I am a gadget buff and more a tablet buff. I have tablets based on intel 486 :), a long before Steve Jobs was dreaming about iPad (I guess).
I expected to have enough information to select a tablet for my personal use after the CES 2011. But I am still looking. But I already know it will not be an iPad, I had enough of an enlarged iPhone and it will not be an Windows based tablet, I have a convertible tablet notebook, Thinkpad which is three years old but doing very well. So it has to be a native Android Tablet with a large screen. Even though ExoPC seem to run Android 2.2.1, I like to keep my personal stuff, original.
But if you too are looking for a tablet, Engadget has a collection of Tablets form CES 2011, which is fairly complete. What more is they marked some in bold letters which were Engadget's favorites. All of those tablets have some sort of review on site.


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