Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Jolicloud 1.1 Just Released, And Says, "The future is here. It’s not evenly distributed yet."

#Jolicloud 1.1 Just Released
After writing about it, we downloaded and and ran Jolicloud on a USB stick. It booted up perfectly on my notebook and on my netbooks, without a hitch. I am yet to try that on my 6 core desktop machine.
But the Jolicloud is telling us today that anyone with a suitable computer, which ranges from dual core centrinos to Atom 330 machines in our case, can get their hands on the Jolicloud 1.1 OS. The new Jolicloud brings a  number of improvements over Jolicloud version 1.0, such as the brand new HTML5 desktop, and a simplified login process using Facebook Connect, a faster UI, and tweaks that promise to bring better performance and battery life compared to the previous version.
  • Dashboard customization with beautiful background images
  • Simplified access to the computer settings
  • Ability to add any local app to your desktop from a Jolicloud device
  • Faster sign up and login using Facebook Connect
  • Improved user interface design

Jolicloud promises to update version 1.0 clients soon but if you would rather not wait, you can download it from Jolicloud.


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