Friday, December 10, 2010

Google Cr-48 Chrome Laptop, First Batch Out And An Indepth Review!

Google #Cr-48 Chrome Laptop, First Batch Out And An Indepth Review!
There is a bunch of Google Chrome CR-48 Notebook news today. Starting with Google's Sundar Pichai tweeting about the first batch of pilot notebooks reaching the users and then came the icing on the cake from engadget, who did a preview of the Google CR-48 cloud notebook and it's hardware and the OS. If you are interested in this cloud notebook, a must read.
it feels considerably better than most of those plastic netbooks sitting on store shelves right now. The entire body (that means the lid, edges, and the underside) is made of a soft, rubber-like matte black plastic -- in fact, it feels a lot like the back of the Droid, though it feels a bit less rubbery. Overall, it looks a lot like the old black MacBook, including a magnetic latch with a split spot for getting your finger in and lifting the lid and a sunken screen hinge. We're obviously pretty taken with the hardware design look and feel, 
But you have to read the real thing to find out more. Yes there is no CAPS lock  key! I really hope I will get one!


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