Monday, November 22, 2010

iNewspaper (TABloid), "Daily" From Rupert Murdoch And Steve Jobs, Specially For Tablet Computers! (iPad?)

#iNewspaper (#TABloid ), Daily From Rupert #Murdoch And Steve #Jobs, Specially For Tablet Computers! (iPad?)
FAIL, comes to mind when I think about having to pay $0.99 to read you get to read free on the net. Just good judgment and something like Google Reader is what you want and if you want to be informed continuously, Google Alerts and Twitter will fill in the gaps. But then again, both of them are big boys and either they will make millions or lose. Either case, they will smile.
Trying to revive his dieing newspaper channels, Rupert Murdoch is creating a newspaper, called daily to be released by the end of this month on subscription basis. It will cost readers $0.99. Perhaps I should created a "newspaper" as I mentioned above and sell in for $.09 for sane people.( I don't expect Steve to approve that app in any hurry! But most I write these days are for Android in any case.).
The team behind the TABloid is impressive as the editors and the reporters go and is said to be run from News Corp's offices in New York.
Murdoch supposed to have said that the Apple iPad is a game changer and he is happy with 5% of the projected 40 Million iPads;
"He envisions a world in which every family has a iPad in the home and it becomes the device from which they get their news and information. If only 5% of those 40 million subscribe to the Daily, that's already two million customers."
I have no idea what Steve Jobs thinking of getting in to TABloid business. I wonder how he is going to control boobs from showing up! knowing a guy from SUN,Pete Picton, is editing, reporting for it. May be he will hire a team for Boob control. Perhaps I should watch my words as I just remembered smiling or laughing to myself at supermarket counters, looking at tabloids and wondering who buys these? Apparently a whole bunch of people.


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