Monday, October 25, 2010

onsip Finds The Perfect IP Phone, Polycom!

#onsip Finds The Perfect IP Phone, #Polycom!
Via a bunch of links, I ended up reading a fine article on  how to choose quality IP Phone for your business. Usually I take these recommendations with a little bit of salt but I did continue to read the article, whole of four sections;

  1. How to Choose a Quality IP Phone for Your Business
  2. First advantage of Polycom IP phones: design
  3. Second Advantage of Polycom IP Phones: Interface
  4. Third Advantage of Polycom IP Phones: Hardware
  5.  Fourth advantage of Polycom IP phones: software
  6. Fifth Advantage of Polycom IP Phones: Usability
Yes you are right, the author likes Polycom phones and she is Charlotte Oliver,a Systems Engineer at Junction Networks. Junction Networks has a line of products beginning with "onsip" and my iPhone run onsip. (Ok I need to write more about that!)
Why I liked the article and why I think you too should read it, is because she explains every step with valid points even if you prefer to have other brands, you will learn about phone. I think she knows the phones very well;
So, what is the perfect IP phone? It is a phone with a modern look, an intuitive interface, quality hardware, and an easy configuration and update process. Manufacturing the perfect IP phone at a competitive price may be a tall order. But, so far, we think Polycom does a better job than most at this. We will be interested to see who meets them at the finish line.
EWeek Via  Graves

You can find onsip, at Junction Networks


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