Thursday, June 17, 2010

FIFA World Cup™ Kick-Off Celebration Concert With Cisco's Digital Media Suite

FIFA World Cup™ Kick-Off Celebration Concert With Cisco's Digital Media Suite
Cisco announced today that it worked with "Control Room", Global music producer, to present the capabilities of  Cisco® Digital Media Suite (DMS) solution at the FIFA World Cup™ 2010 Kick-Off Celebration Concert. The concert was attended by thousands of people who were entertained by the likes of Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, John Legend, Shakira, and the Parlotones.
The concert proceeds benefited  "20 Centers for 2010", the official campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa and other programs.
"This year marked the first time the FIFA World Cup tournament was played in Africa, so it seemed fitting to celebrate this momentous occasion with a festival of live music from Africa and beyond. Cisco helped us to deliver this experience to over 30,000 at the Orlando Stadium." said the founder of Control Room, Kevin Wall.
Cisco, South Africa managing director, David Meads also lauded;
"The FIFA World Cup™ Kick-off Celebration Concert in South Africa proved to be the ultimate global entertainment event and experience in the 2010 calendar so far.  Everyone around the world wanted to be a part of it. Cisco's strategy is about connecting people, information, and teams, providing context so they can find the right information and people quickly and securely and our DMS solution demonstrates this capability. We are confident that we now have a winning formula that can be replicated across other stadia in South Africa."
Following key facts were prominent in bringing the showcase;
  • For this musical extravaganza Cisco provided 42-inch high-definition screens, 25 in all, as well as the local area network and wireless access points to some sections of the stadium.  This enabled broadcast to several other levels and hospitality areas in the stadium. After the concert Cisco donated portions of the wireless solution to Orlando Stadium. 
  • The Cisco Digital Media Suite is an integrated platform for video collaboration, digital signage, and live and on-demand IPTV applications. Cisco DMS streams broadcasts to entertainment venues to provide audiences with the flexibility to access live and on-demand content. It is designed to deliver compelling global communications as well as an improved user, marketing and branding experience.
  • As an integral part of the Cisco DMS large format, professional-quality Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays provide complete end-to-end solutions for Cisco Digital Signs and Cisco Cast applications. Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays offer 32-, 40- and 52-inch models with full 1080p resolution as well as centralized, remote management through the Cisco Digital Media Manager to control on and off, volume, contrast, and brightness.
  • Produced by the Emmy Award-winning producer Kevin Wall and his company Control Room, in partnership with local promoter Showtime Entertainment, the event featured musical performances by major international superstars and popular African artists collaborating together, along with special appearances by Patrick Vieira, Lucas Radebe and other football legends.
  • The event, which proved to be the 'must have' ticket for audiences not only across the African continent but globally, was televised to tens of millions of viewers worldwide.



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