Thursday, June 03, 2010

AT&T New Wireless Plans And Femtocell (Microcell) Costs More?

AT&T New Wireless Plans And Femtocell
As usual Andy from VoIP Watch has brought up a questions and three answers regarding AT&T's press release on new wireless plans yesterday or rather what is not in the press release,

"The other detail missing from the press release is the apparent fact that femtocell traffic ("Microcell" in AT&T parlance) is *included* in counting towards the quota, but WiFi traffic is *excluded*." Dean Bubley
that makes you think AT&T is out to gouge you while helping other carriers like cable gouge you as well. You might find paying for the same service twice. Here are Andy's answers, you can find the question on Andy's post;
1) You pay AT&T for the traffic even if it really isn't going over their wireless network
2) You will pay for the the pleasure of having a Microcell in your own network, possibly carrying your neighbors traffic because of coverage gaps in the AT&T network
3) Users are better off using WiFi
VoIP Watch


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