Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Garminfone - 3G = Garmin nuvi 295W

Garmin nuvi 295W
Yes exactly that is what Garmin nuvi 295W is for me. The $280 device which is to be released on May 16th has the same 3.5 inch screen, the same 3MP camera and presented through Gamin UI. It can send email, perform Google Local Search and upload geotagged photos, as soon as you get near a WiFi connection like a hotspot that are poping up all over the world. Garminfone is all that and a smartphone.
But I wonder who would buy a GPS these days, I don't My phones does GPS for me and my camera(Canon 7D) does not goetag, my girlfriends PhotoTrackr Mini does the job when ever we go on trips that I need to tag.

GPSTracklog via engadget


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