Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Bill Shock" Experienced By One In Every Six Cell Phone Users.
Looks like Bill Shock is more common than we assumed, according to a survey done by FCC and the subsequent report. It is evident that carriers are using every possible way to lift their bottom line very high!, from the various amounts charged to customers as seen from above.
17% of American adults with a personal cell phone said that at one time their cell phone bill increased suddenly from one month to the next, even though they had not changed their calling or texting plans.
88% said their cell phone company did not contact them after their bill suddenly increased.
84% said their cell carrier did not contact them when they were about to exceed their allowed minutes, text messages, or data downloads.
It turns out that about 30 million cell phone users had price hikes without changing their plans for  calling or texting. Almost all of these customers were not contacted by the carrier regarding the hike or the jump in the bill.
In addition, people were not clear about the ETF's (early termination fees) charged by these carriers and was not limited to cell phones, broadband services were also a part of the early termination scheme.;
For those with personal cell phones, 54% said they would have to pay an ETF and 18% did not know whether they would have to pay a fee.
For home broadband customers, 21% said they would have to pay an ETF and 38% did not know if they would have to pay a fee.
You can find the complete report at FCC


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