Thursday, April 08, 2010

Gizmo5 + Google Voice = New Google Voice Desktop App.

Gizmo5 + Google Voice = New Desktop Voice App
After Google acquired Gizmo5, things have been quiet, so quiet that we even forgot that Google owns Gizmo5. But according to Techcrunch, there is much happening under this quietness it seems.
Google is testing, internally, a desktop voice app that combines the capabilities of Google Voice and Gizmo5. So what do you get out of this? Well you will be able to make Google Voice Calls from your desk top.

Yes Gizmo5 is a SIP based P2P Voice service, just like Skype and you will be able to free SIP calls using any SIP or POTs user with it. Even your iPhone or iPad!
Want to make Google Voice calls from your iPhone, simply install any SIP client that allows you to enter your own credentials and configure you Gizmo5 to use Google Voice, follow the instructions we gave last year. Viola, your iPhone and Google Voice is one. No matter how Steve Jobs listen to AT&T.


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