Friday, March 12, 2010

Which iPad Is For You? Out Of The Six Varients Offered.

Which iPad Is For You?
If you are looking to get an iPad, when it ia released (or pre-order very soon) you will have to do some thinking first, rather than running to the store with cash or your credit card in hand. There are six versions of iPads!, in two categories.

The two main categories are WiFi and 3G and each of them has three versions of iPads based on the memory capacity and of course the price. Gizmodo had this nice table laid out describing all six iPads and if that is not enough, NYTimes has a post describing merits or shortcomings of each model. So follow the links to get more information.
My own personal feeling about the iPad is quite different, knowing how AT&T is, I wonder sudden influx of iPads with 3G will do to my iPhone. I hope AT&T has the infrastructure ready so I can continue to use my iPhone in current pathetic state and not make it evern worse.
NYTimes via Gizmodo


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