Thursday, March 11, 2010

Take control of your OpenSIPS (Open SIP Server) With OpenSIPS Control Panel 4.0 Released

OpenSIPS-CP 4.0
OpenSIPS org has released the the latest control panel, OpenSIPS CP 4.0 for the Open SIP Server. As the OpenSIPS team mentions, it is not just a system provisioning tool, but a complete OpenSIPS provisioning interface.
OpenSIPS-CP 4.0 brings users and admin management tools allowing you to add, edit, remove OpenSIPS users (see online/offline users) as well as add administrators (with permissions) for the OpenSIPS CP.
Also OpenSIPS CP 4.0 brings you more system tools like "dialog" tool (for monitoring and terminating ongoing dialogs) and "permissions tool (for IP based authentication for OpenSIPS).

Download is available under
Take control of your OpenSIPS!  Also do not forget to check out the OpenSIPS webinars to learn more about OpenSIPS.


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