Monday, February 08, 2010

Personalized Suggestions And Synchronized Starring Helps To Take Your Places And Searches To Go With Google Maps For Mobile.

If you searched for location on your computer found out the place of interest and memorized the general location of the store or the restaurant and you are on the way.

But by the time you get near, you have forgotten the minor details. Now you have to do the same search on your mobile. With use of mobiles while driving being dangerous and illegal, you have to pull to a side to do the search.
But now Google is doing the memorizing for you with the personalized suggestions. This way as soon as you begin to type the search phrase, you will see the suggestions, making your search shorter and quick.
Once you find the site or once you are on location, you can pull up your Google Maps and star the place. Now this location will show up on your computer as well as your mobile with Synchronized Starring, as long as you are using Google Maps for Mobile on an Android, at the moment.
All these takes only a single step, you have to signed in to your Google Account and your web history enabled.
If you are a user of Google Nexus one, you will receive an over the air update to Google Maps 3.4. Other Androids can download the app from Android Market soon.
They have also added "night Mode" for finding your places easily at night. Happy Mobiling with Android.
Official Google Mobile Blog: Take your places and searches to go with Google Maps for mobile


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