Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twitter App Store, The One That Twitter Missed!

Twitter app store.
It seems a fine idea given that there are thousands of twitter apps from mobiles (iPhone Tweetie, what I use) desktop twitter apps (Google twitter gadget, again what I use)
But it is hard for one to find the right app because there is no proper place to find them (not that I find Apps easily on iTunes either) but TechCrunch tells me that there is a new place, you could go to look for twitter apps. Not that there were not others before, like the Twitter Applications page. But the new site seem to put everyone at ease.

The site lists 1300 free and paid apps already and tend to make money by becoming affiliates to App stores like iTunes. The site is still in private beta and will not have access for a while.
Read more at TC


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