Thursday, September 10, 2009

Snom Technology Joins Phybridge To Provide End To End VoIP Solutions.

VoIP Solution From Snom and Phybridge.
Snom Technology AG of Germany and Phybridge of Canada  has formed a joint partnership to provide end to end VoIP solutions to business with excellent products of both companies.
Snom develops and manufacture VoIP Phones for business and residential markets. Phybridge provides VoIP deployment for business' with least change to infrastructure with it's Phybridge Uniphyer, an IP PBX and a VoIP end point enabler.
"For far too long, legacy PBX systems have held businesses back from realizing the benefits of IP communication due to CAPEX concerns," said Dr. Michael Knieling, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales for snom technology AG. "The seamless connectivity between snom SIP-based phones and Phybridge UniPhyer gives organizations a clear and cost effective path to VoIP migration."
Uniphyer from Phybridge helps to deploy VoIP solutions without having to upgrade the LAN infrastructure as the solution utilizes the existing phone wiring to acomplish the last 100 meter of transitioning from traditional telephony to advanced feature filled VoIP olution.
"snom continually finds new ways to break through communication barriers," said Oliver Emmanuel, President and Founder for Phybridge. "Whether they're eradicating static from conference calls or making it easier to manage your contact lists, snom simplifies business communication. Our new partnership with snom gives our customers access to advanced business calling features in a sleek, intuitive package."
"Snom's commercial-grade SIP-based phone portfolio that features its 3XX series (snom 320, snom 360 and snom 370) and new 8XX series (snom 820 and snom 870 touch screen phone). The snom product suite also includes the snom MeetingPoint conferencing phone and snom m3 IP DECT phone. snom's intelligent SIP endpoints can also support a wide variety of unified communications applications including Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 R2 via its special firmware - snom OCS.

Snom Press release 


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