Sunday, September 20, 2009

Astrico 2009, Why You Really Should Make It!

Astricon 2009
I have been an Astricon fan from it's inception and I am very sure that it will continue to be so. I am more technical in nature and like to learn more about how the innards of telephony engines and IP PBXs work, I thought, until I attended the Astricon!
There are so many diverse group of people, Coders, Designers, Planners, implementers, entrepreneurs and think tanks that make all these make a sense.
I have met so many people that have helped us in the business of using Open Source Telephony a smooth operation.
If you want to know what you are missing if you miss this opportunity, like all those wonderful speakers and knowledge clusters like;
Carriers/Call Centers
The Asterisk Ecosystem

Read the brochure!


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