Wednesday, August 12, 2009

xMax System From XG Technology Provides Mobile VoIP System For The Masses

xMax Mobile VoIP System
The completely new Mobile VoIP system that is similar to most popular VoIP service providers like Skype or Vonage but vastly different at the same time. The difference is that the consumers do not need to have a broadband connection nor a computer.
xMax Mobile Switching Center provides switching system for carriers that could be deployed with very low power requirements and similar to wireless switching system.
xMax base stations are used for communicating with xMax handsets and modems operating in the license-free ISM 902-928MHz band.
The xMax Mobile Switching Center allows carriers to own and deploy their own networks without the prohibitive cost of buying spectrum. The system carries following core capabilities;
- Quality of service (QoS) to support long range mobile VoIP
- Deterministic latency on wireless links for voice packets
- Header compression
- Zero latency network configuration
- Soft hand-off mechanism
providing benefits for carriers are the following:

  • Substantially lower capital requirements for materially more sophisticated
    product offering;

  • No spectrum license costs;

  • Exclusive service territories;

  • Equipment capital costs financed through xG infrastructure partner Treco International, S.A.;

  • Comprehensive, all-IP infrastructure enables fast rollouts and new services;

  • Network capacity managed through software-defined radio system;

  • Path to 4G performance with a revolutionary battery solution for user devices;

  • Ability to offer wide-range of product packages including:
    - low flat-rate unlimited plans to all market sectors
    - flat-rate unlimited international calling plans
    - pre and postpaid options

The consumer portion of system is a product that is designed to provide the calling abilities without calling plans to figure out, minutes to count, or charges to wonder about. Pared with a xMax service provider, consumers will be able to enjoy benefits that include;
  • unlimited local calling

  • unlimited long distance

  • unlimited text messaging

  • no contracts to sign

  • unprecedented mobility, with global Wi-FI roaming and international calling at low VoIP rates

  • bundle options including unlimited home phone service and broadband internet

The system as a whole is something that should provide mo power to carriers like Vonage or Skype should the decide to deploy. I am looking forward for this system as it will be a real good competition to VoIP resistant wireless carriers.

Press Release;

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Resistance by wireless carriers to allowing customers access to VoIP services across their mobile networks has attracted the attention of the regulators, with the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the European Union all looking into the practice. xG Technology® has developed xMax--an alternative path that allows consumers to benefit from much lower cost mobile calls via the Internet, avoiding the incumbent carriers’ networks all together.

xG Technology developed xMax® an alternative solution that enables consumers to benefit directly using mobile VoIP technology. xMax is similar to Vonage or Skype, but in the form of a fully mobile handset that doesn’t require the use and extra cost of a computer or broadband Internet connection.

xMax offers consumers the prospect of lower phone bills because:

  • xMax transmits over unlicensed spectrum—the same as baby monitors and cordless phones. Major national cellular carriers paid billions of dollars for licensed spectrum that they recoup from customers.
  • xMax was built as a totally Internet-based digital system from top to bottom—an extremely cost efficient communication approach.

xMax networks can enable communication providers to aggressively compete with national carriers by offering customers unlimited voice and data plans both locally and long distance, extremely low-cost international calling, no contracts, as well as home phone and high-speed Internet service.

Seven-year-old xG Technology is a US based company, but development of xMax is an international effort that involves companies in Europe and Asia. A portfolio of 50 US and 105 international patents and pending patent applications has been developed with the goal of bringing lower-cost communications to consumers.

XG Technology


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