Friday, April 03, 2009

Android Eyes-Free Project, Mobile Phoning For Visually Impared.

Android For The Blind
The Android eyes-free project has released the code to public and also released a few applications based on the Eyes-Free Shell fro Android based devices with a touch screen. I liked the stroke dialer for the touch keypad! Ingeneous!
The best I saw (video below) was the touch based dialing without needing see the screen of an Android phone. This could easily apply to a blind person or visually impaired person like me without my spectacles (reading glasses).
The ever so simple method developped by Google research scientist T.V.Ramen, Engineer Charles Chen and the team makes you think why didn't I think of that before. Rather than writing about it, I think it is better to see the application in action. Follow the link after the video, to read about other applications by the team, like Knowing your location, device status, date and time, all without eyes. Also you will find the links to google code project site where you could look at the code if you are so inclined. The Eyes-Free Android Project is also home to the Text-To-Speech (TTS) Library for Android. Do not forget to see the related videos.

Google Open Source Blog: Announcing Eyes-Free Shell For Android


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