Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life After 30,000,000 iPhone App Downloads And iPhone Advertising.
Pinch Media, who provides iPhone Analytics and iPhone advertising has done a nice study on iPhone application usage and how it is tied to the monetary revenue. The CEO of Pinch Media has put together a slide show to drive his points home and it is a very well done presentation. I only had to back track only a few slides.
So if the iPhone developers grasp the idea the report presents, it might lead to less free apps. But if you are charging for your apps, it has to be darn good and capture the audience, something like SIPPhone on iPhone, which think priced too high. But then again, I paid for an application $30 because it served a need for me. It is hard to be visible in a landscape of about 20,000 applications. Usually Free iPhone Apps earn revenue from advertising but from the data presented by Pinch Media, the window of earning might be short as users tend to use the application less and less from the day of download and stop using it altogether.
So if you are interested in iPhone Apps or iPhone advertising, I think it is a very good idea to go through the slide show. Visit to Pinch Media might not hurt either.

iPhone AppStore Secrets - Pinch Media
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