Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Asterisk Is Ready For Download
On the heels of Asterisk RC1, The Asterisk development team has released the Asterisk for general consumption. The release brings many improvements to the prominent Open Source Telephony Solution.
This release is specially recommended for all users of the Asterisk GUI as two issues with the manager interface have been resolved. The manager interface improperly handling async. requests from the GUI which led to manager session file descriptors being improperly overwritten and the problems with the Originate action that would cause issues with the GUI. They have both been resolved in this release.
Among other things following bugs were exterminated!

* Set the initiator attribute to lowercase in our replies when receiving calls.
This attribute contains a JID that identifies the initiator of the GoogleTalk
voice session. The GoogleTalk client discards Asterisk's replies if the
initiator attribute contains uppercase characters.
- Closes issue #13984. Submitted and tested by: jcovert

* Fix odd "thank you" sound playing behavior in app_queue.c
- Closes issue #14227. Reported and tested by: caspy

* Don't do an SRV lookup if a port is specified RFC 3263 says to do A record
lookups on a hostname if a port has been specified, so that's what we're
going to do. See section 4.2.
- Closes issue #14419. Reported and patched by: klaus3000

* Properly set "seen" and "unseen" flags when moving messages from the new to
the old folder when using IMAP for voicemail storage.
- Closes issue #13905. Reported and patched by: jaroth

* Fix devicestate problems for "always-on" agent channels.
- Closes issue #14173. Reported by: nathan. Tested by: nathan, aramirez

For a full list of changes, see the ChangeLog
Download the release from


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