Friday, June 13, 2008

Free WiFi For iPhone Users In UK.

Perfect for the new WiFi sensing iPhone, O2 subscribers can now enjoy free WiFi over more than 9000 nodes (hotspots) in UK. This means, iPhone users with 3G capabilities and auto switching WiFi connections will have always connected, a norm than pleasant experience once in a while like some of us do. Ravenii has mentioned that he is ready to take an iPhone, since it has become sensible communications solution rather than hip novelty. It will also good for his as he will be spending a lot of time at Cambridge for the rest of this year and possibly more in the next year.
To provide this service, O2 has partnered with BT Openzone to give iPhone owners access to its 3,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. The operator has extended its existing agreement with Wi-Fi provider The Cloud to bring its total of available hotspots to over 9,000. Mobile VoIP time for IPhone, Look for those free SIP accounts now and applications for SIP on iPhone.

O2 subscribers register their phone number when they first enter a hotspot and are automatically connected to the network, and they get the new iPhone for 99 pounds (comfort in numbers) and some customers may even free depending on the contract. O2 will also offer iPhone for the pre pay customers for the first time with new iPhone.

"By working with partners like BT Openzone we can maximise the web experience for iPhone customers," said Ronan Dunne, CEO of O2 UK. "Public Wi-Fi hotspots ideally complement our mobile network, providing high speed web browsing and unlimited access to services like the iTunes Wi-Fi store in a wide variety of convenient locations."

"The availability of BT Openzone on the iPhone 3G is in direct response to strong customer demand for a quality Wi-Fi service on their device," said BT Wireless Broadband Director Dave Hughes. "BT aims to keep customers best connected, any time and any place. With the iPhone set to become even more popular, BT is providing high-speed internet access at premier locations in the UK."

Come on AT&T give us some news!


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