Tuesday, April 08, 2008

IPSWTool, Play with your Pwned iPhone or iPod Touch

Having released the PwnageTool, after fooling some people with great pwnage April fools joke, The iPhoneproject people do not seem to be taking any rest.With all the capabilities that the Pwnage tool bring like, the ability to load unsigned firmware onto the iPhones and iPod Touchs allowing for great advances and using the great tools, iPhone and iPod Touch for their full potential. So what could we expect from the team at theiphoneproject? No No Android on it yet!
They said;
"We are happy to announce that IPSWTool is coming to your computer soon!"
"IPSWTool is the next step of building custom firmwares with the style and grace of iLiberty+. With IPSWTool you can create custom firmwares packaged will all the goodies already downloaded and inserted into the IPSW. These custom firmwares can be restored onto iPhones and iTouchs that have already been Pwnd. As you can see from the video / screenshots there are already some great application compilations to install with the BigBoss and CrashX AppPacks. Furthermore there are the thing you'd expect: BSD subsystem, SSH, Installer, and of course Cydia."
Cydia! if you are familiar with Linux, specially Debian or any other distribution that uses APT, you will be a happy camper. Following is a explanation of the IPSWTool; and await for more information about this team and tools!

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