Tuesday, April 29, 2008

High Performance Network IPS From IBM And Crossbeam

ARMONK, NY and BOXBOROUGH, MA - 22 Apr 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Crossbeam Systems, Inc., today announced a high-performance network intrusion prevention solution. This solution is designed to protect today's high speed networks and allows both enterprises and telecommunications carriers to confidently deploy their next-generation networks with security that keeps pace with the performance of the network.

The new solution, IBM Proventia Network IPS for Crossbeam, extends the IBM Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) offering to the Crossbeam X-Series Next Generation Security Platform. IBM Proventia IPS solutions are based on the proactive security intelligence of the IBM X-Force® research and development team -- the unequivocal world authority in vulnerability and threat research. Both telecommunications carriers and large enterprises will realize compelling benefits.

* Large Enterprises can now help protect their 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) networks with vulnerability-based network protection from IBM. Network protection scales up to 40 Gbps by simply adding additional IBM Proventia Network IPS modules to a Crossbeam chassis. Now, large enterprises can design world-class protection into their new high- performance networks rather than leaving security as an afterthought.
* Carriers can now enhance the protection of their high-performance Next Generation Networks and safeguard their new Internet-based services, such as VoIP and IPTV that demand reliable and scalable protection. The new solution also provides a platform for telecommunications carriers to offer on-demand security services based on IBM Proventia Network IPS to their customers.

Both enterprises and telecommunication carriers can integrate the IBM Proventia Network IPS with firewalls and other security applications on the Crossbeam X-Series chassis. The IBM Proventia Network IPS, in the Crossbeam chassis, combines with a traditional firewall to deliver the advanced protection of a next-generation firewall. Overall, this solution complements the portfolio of IBM Proventia Network IPS solutions that protects both carrier networks and every layer of an enterprise network -- core, perimeter and remote segments.

"Crossbeam has a loyal customer base with thousands of X-Series platforms deployed in the market running firewalls today," said Greg Adams, IBM business line executive for network protection solutions. "This IBM/Crossbeam solution allows enterprises and carriers to leverage their previous investments in Crossbeam to quickly deploy a leading network IPS while managing the firewall and IPS as a single solution."

For enterprises, the IBM/Crossbeam solution also enables the adoption of next-generation security architectures predicated on "asset-based security." Security personnel can intelligently and dynamically deploy IBM Proventia Network IPS-based security services to specific assets or network segments. This strengthens overall network security, simplifies security management and radically reduces the physical footprint of security infrastructure, which is an important component of green data-center initiatives. IBM delivers managed services for this offering to provide clients with the choice of relying on IBM expertise for the management and execution of their network protection strategies.

The Crossbeam X-Series is a next-generation security platform that enables 40 Gbps of network IPS throughput, five times the performance of traditional appliances in use today. The X-Series also provides "single-box" carrier-class redundancy and availability, helping to achieve uninterrupted IPS services.

"The IBM/Crossbeam solution unleashes the full capabilities of the Crossbeam Next Generation Security Platform, providing an open system network IPS solution that is purpose-built for high-performance security environments," said Jim Freeze, vice president of marketing at Crossbeam. "Our customers can now address the growing demand for in-the-cloud security services and enable intelligent, centralized management of security according to the their unique requirements."

The IBM and Crossbeam solution will be available in May. For more information on pricing and product details, please call (978) 318-7500 or visit www.crossbeam.com/company/contact.php.

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